Delorean Rebranding

Branding & Brand Identity

Project Time: 15 Weeks
Role: Design & Art direction

Class: GR604
Instructor: Hunter Wimmer
Year: Spring 2021
The DeLorean Motor Company was an American automobile manufacturer formed by automobile industry executive John DeLorean in 1975. The objective of this hypothetical rebranding project is not about turning the Delorean into another car company but exploring the possibility of this brand in different dimensions.

New Delorean will go beyond just a car maker company and continue to follow the vision of John Delorean to focus on reinvention. The project is introduced by three brand guides.

In the visual strategy guide, I visioned the future of the new Delorean. The visual development guide documents the design process of the new Delorean. In the visual standard guide, I not only provided the new identity system but also envisioned 18 different brand extensions.