Bloom App

User Experience & User Interface

Project Time: 14 Weeks
Role: Design & Art direction & Researcher & Interviewer & Testing

Class: WNM 606
Instructor: Fred McHale
Year: Fall 2021

Prototype & Case Study Link:
Task 1Task 2Task 3 & Case Study Link

There are tons of benefits of having indoor plants in our home. Having indoor plants can reduce our stress, improve our productivity, creativity. However, maintaining plants is not always easy for people, especially beginners. The amount of maintenance work may frustrate some users. In this project, I will set up my case study and investigate this problem through user testing and user survey. (see the casestudy here)

I developed a series of solutions for three types of users to solve this problem.  The first key feature will provide a survey to help users to find the best plants. The second feature will provide a physical tool that users can insert into plants that detect the health condition of plants. It will also notify the user when the plants need to be fertilized or watered. The third feature on the Bloom app will provide the plant rental service to the user who has no time to maintain the plants.